Sea freight

Our company carries out sea transportation from any direction. We are a multimodal (shipping specialist with a combination of sea and other means of transport).

We have our own collective cargo groupage line from all ports in China. We also specialize in the transportation of dangerous (ADR), excise, food, certified and various other non-standard cargoes.

If we compare the cost of land, air and water cargo transportation, then the latter wins significantly.

Sea freight is a relatively inexpensive way to ship cargo. In today’s world, seagoing ships have an impressive carrying capacity and power. Neither land nor air transport can be compared to sea vessels in terms of spaciousness and carrying capacity. For this reason, for large volume cargoes, the sea way of movement and delivery is the most ideal decision, if there are no problems related to the delivery dates of the cargo.

From all directions

We have our own gruppage line

We transport dangerous goods

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Your reliable forwarder: +374 99 84 37 11

Your reliable forwarder: +374 99 84 37 11