Road freight

We specialize in Europe, we have warehouses in at least 5 European countries: Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Bulgaria. We have our own Groupage lines from different European countries. We offer the best competitive price in the market.

We also specialize in the transportation of dangerous (ADR), excise, food, certified and various other non-standard cargoes.

Land transportation, being a stable and flexible mode of transportation, is mainly suitable for consumer goods (FMCG), refrigerated food, perishable goods, pharmaceutical and medical goods, hazardous and non-hazardous solids, liquids, chemicals, heavy equipment, as well as vehicles. for transportation of building materials.
If you have a problem with the ground shipping time, we also have a cost-effective standard package of 2-3 weeks, as well as an efficient expedited package of 7-8 days (Express Shipping).

We specialize in Europe

Economy package: 2-3 weeks

Express package: 7-8 days

Austria Armenia
Belgium Armenia
Bulgaria Armenia
Croatia Armenia
Cyprus Armenia
Czech Republic Armenia
Denmark Armenia
Estonia Armenia
Finland Armenia
France Armenia
Germany Armenia
Greece Armenia
Hungary Armenia
Ireland Armenia
Italy Armenia
Latvia Armenia
Liechtenstein Armenia
Lithuania Armenia
Luxembourg Armenia
Malta Armenia
Macedonia Armenia
Moldova Armenia
Montenegro Armenia
Netherlands Armenia
Norway Armenia
Poland Armenia
Portugal Armenia
Romania Armenia
Serbia Armenia
Slovakia Armenia
Slovenia Armenia
Spain Armenia
Sweden Armenia
Switzerland Armenia
United Kingdom Armenia
Albania Armenia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Armenia
Your reliable forwarder: +374 99 84 37 11

Your reliable forwarder: +374 99 84 37 11