EXPRESS delivery

The company has seriously specialized and created an Express delivery option from anywhere in the world as an alternative to air transportation. Europe: all countries, Asia: China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, India, as well as America, Canada, Africa and other parts of the world. The company has many years of experience in combining different vehicles and offering effective solutions based on customer requirements and cargo details. If you have cargo that you need urgently and you are looking for a fast delivery option, then express transportation will be the ideal solution.

Our company has developed a unique formula for fast and reliable delivery. We offer an extremely high quality of service. Many years of experience allows us to reduce the risks of cargo transportation to 0. With the express delivery option, your shipment will arrive in 2-3 weeks maximum. By the way, the express delivery service offers a more affordable price offer than air freight.

One of the main prerequisites for express delivery is cargo weight of 100 kg or more.

Cheaper than air

Best service quality

Delivery time 2-3 weeks

Your reliable forwarder: +374 99 84 37 11

Your reliable forwarder: +374 99 84 37 11