Air freight

Air freight has a high delivery speed compared to other modes of transport (road, rail, sea). Ability to organize delivery to any country in the world. Cargo monitoring. The customer can always control the transportation process. High level of delivery security. Reduced risk of deformation and product damage. We work anywhere in the world.

The cost of cargo transportation depends on the weight, volume, type and urgency of the cargo.

Individual approach

Tight deadlines

We work in any direction of the world

Austria Armenia
Belgium Armenia
Bulgaria Armenia
Croatia Armenia
Cyprus Armenia
Czech Republic Armenia
Denmark Armenia
Estonia Armenia
Finland Armenia
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Hungary Armenia
Ireland Armenia
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Liechtenstein Armenia
Lithuania Armenia
Luxembourg Armenia
Malta Armenia
Macedonia Armenia
Moldova Armenia
Montenegro Armenia
Netherlands Armenia
Norway Armenia
Poland Armenia
Portugal Armenia
Romania Armenia
Serbia Armenia
Slovakia Armenia
Slovenia Armenia
Spain Armenia
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United Kingdom Armenia
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China Armenia
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Africa Armenia
Your reliable forwarder: +374 99 84 37 11

Your reliable forwarder: +374 99 84 37 11