Air freight. Statistics and facts

Air freight

As the global economy becomes more and more connected, air freight is one of the fastest growing transportation sectors. Commercial airlines carry more than four billion passengers and annual global revenue exceeds $534 billion.

Air transport also plays an important role in tourism, which contributes to economic growth, especially in developing countries. The arrivals of international tourists are increasing every year. More than half of the tourists decided to reach their destination by air.

Air transport also provides access to international markets and promotes global trade. In 2023, 61.5 million tons of cargo were transported by air, generating approximately $95.9 billion in revenue.

Unlike road or rail transport, air cargo has to pay for most of its own infrastructure and services, such as runways, terminals or air traffic control.

Air transport plays an important role in our way of life.

Commercial airlines allow millions of people to visit different countries each year for vacation or travel around the world. Air transport is also the fastest way to ship most cargo over long distances. Passengers and cargo may be transported by air on scheduled routes or “charters,” which are routes specifically designed for a group of travelers or a specific cargo.

Classification of air cargo

Air freight is of the following types:

Basic air freight

The company carries out cargo transportation for only one customer (cargo owner). Delivery is carried out to the specified place.

Air freight of collective cargo

The company carries out air transportation of goods for several customers. Products/parcels are collected at the warehouse. When the required amount of cargo is collected, the carrier sends it to its destination.

Cargo box and sign forbidden on white background Isolated 3D illustrationTransportation of dangerous goods

Airplanes carry various types of cargo, including dangerous ones. Air transport of dangerous goods is accompanied by standard procedures.

In accordance with the rules and requirements for the packaging of dangerous goods.

Standard cargo must be packed in sealed and strong containers that do not have sharp protruding elements that could cause injury or damage to the aircraft;

In accordance with labeling requirements (dangerous goods are assigned a class according to the degree of danger);

Availability of special documents.

Features of air cargo transportation.
Place flying in sunset sky

High speed of delivery compared to other modes of transport (road, rail, water).

Ability to organize delivery to any country in the world.

Cargo monitoring. The customer can monitor the shipping process at all times.

Air freight is under customs control.

High level of delivery security. Reduced risk of deformation and product damage. Damage is covered by cargo insurance.

Air transport allows you to deliver special industrial equipment, dangerous goods and much more to places where it is impossible to use ground vehicles.

What does the freight cost depend on?

cargo type, weight, volume
type of shipment

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